How to get to the Plechárna?

There is no limit to our imagination, so if you come by horse, for example, we’ll surely welcome that. Nevertheless, here you can find some easier ways to get to the Plechárna.

FOR WALKERS: Take the metro to Černý Most. It’s about a ten-minute walk to our place – enjoy a beautiful stroll among the architecture not only of the past regime. Here you will begin at Mansfeldova street, from you will turn left onto Bobkova. From there, go right on Bryksova and then from there turn onto Vybíralova street, which will lead you almost all the way to us. When you see the Max grocery store, you’re almost there. Heading toward Dolní Počernicí, you will see our – and your – Plechárna ahead of you.

FOR LAZIER WALKERS: At the Černý Most metro station, get on bus 224 and go to the Bryksova stop. From there, you will surely see us.

BY TRAIN: Go to the Prague-Kyje station and transfer to bus 224 and get off at the Bryksova stop. We recommend sitting on the right side of the bus so that you can enjoy the view of the fish pond and ducks.

BY TRAIN WITH A WALK: Get off at the Prague-Dolní Počernice station. From there, set out on foot around the Vidlák and Čeněk fish ponds. You can feed the swans or stop for a cold beer at a cabin in the local gardening colony.

BY CAR: Unlike the rest of Prague, we have no problems with parking.